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3 easy steps to plan your content effectively

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Alright, let me know in the comments how you’d like me to write better headlines. But it’s true, today, I’m gonna share three easy steps for you to plan your content in a way that works.

Here it goes…

brainstorm, brain dump, generate ideas

The first thing to do is create a list of everything you can talk about according to the niche you chose for your blog, social media platform, or whatever you’re creating content for.

Now, there are a few things that can help you generate ideas easier and faster. Think about educating, entertaining, inspiring, sharing your daily life or backstage in a meaningful way, think about themes and topics, important dates, use recycling, or the content of others as an inspiration or a starting point.

I like the way James Altucher organizes his ideas. If you check his content and books, you always see something more about his lists. Not just random 1, 2, 3, bulleted ideas but real lists that show he has a method to register and remember what he learned or experienced or a method to explore a certain idea.

So, brainstorm, brain dump, list your ideas according to your niche.

Oh, and, whatever you put on your list, always keep in mind that what you write has to make you happy for writing it, and it has to add value to your reader’s life. Sometimes we forget the last part but both are equally important.

curate your list

If you love your niche and you know what you’re talking about, there’s a big chance you’ve created a huge list on the first stage of our planning that is worth a month or even a year of content.

Now is time to curate it. Separate what’s good for your goals from what’s not. Try to find a pattern among your ideas and try to group them in a way you can organize them according to blocks of content.

What I do is create “content buckets”. The idea is to see your main topics as a bucket full of prompts that you thought by yourself.

Here in this blog and on my Instagram account, for instance, I talk mainly about writing and reading. But I break those topics into smaller buckets, like, writing tips, writing techniques, thoughts on being a writer, editing, reading projects, book reviews, how to improve your reading life, etc.

So, on this part of your planning, you’ll sort everything you listed and put each idea on their relative bucket so you can find them when you need them.

actual plan

Finally, you’re gonna set up a calendar, pick ideas from the buckets, and schedule them. Simple as that. The key to this final process is to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you’re going to say and be sure you’re going to be able to make time to write something good.

The last part is what I most struggle with. Sometimes it feels like I’m working at a breaking news department of an online newspaper. Don’t wait to write your content a few minutes before you post it. Especially when nobody understands what or why you’re doing this.

But, back to the organization. I used to do it using Apple Notes (for iOS), now I use this app called Craft. But you can do it anywhere you want, even in your Calendar app. The main idea here is to have a clear view of at least one month ahead, in a way you won’t have to decide or stress out about what content you’re going to create.

final thoughts

Does that make you less creative? Absolutely not. What you did on those steps was to tell yourself what you can write about. You create prompts according to your passion and niche. But the next part is to actually write your content, and THAT, my friends, is something else, and a topic for another long article later.

So, to wrap it up, to plan your content effectively:

  1. List everything that’s in your mind
  2. Curate your list into categories or content buckets
  3. Create a schedule to write and share what you listed and curated.

Now, for the comments…

Do you plan your content? How do you generate ideas? And what did I miss in this article? Let me know.

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    You never stop to inspire us with ur words sir

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      I’m glad you feel that way! Thank you!!

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