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Trimmed: I’m back and here’s what’s new

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Hey, I’m back. 

I decided to change things a little bit around here. Again. I hope you don’t mind. The good news is that you’ll now finally get a better newsletter every day from me in your inbox. And if even you decide to read this directly on Substack, you won’t regret it.

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So. The first thing I’m gonna do is to rename this daily missive of ours to “Trimmed” again.

“Trimmed” because I want it to be a neat cut of the threads from the Beard (Between the Lines). See what I did there? This basically means that I’m going to be short and straightforward here from now on to take you to everything I write and read in other places. I don’t wanna waste your time.

I know! It’s the complete opposite of what I said in previous posts. But I took a break and I thought about it. A lot. And I think that’s finally the best strategy and I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’ll gather everything that I post on my blog if you want to follow it in one place:

Now, let’s go to the first edition of…


Hey, I’m back to writing on Instagram after a long break.

I wrote about it here this morning and I also talked about the book I’m reading this week. The link will lead you to my post. Please like it and comment on it. It will mean the world to me.

Now, I’ve been thinking of a way of making it all short while also letting you choose to read more about it.

Since I talked on Instagram that social media almost stole my joy of reading and writing (almost), here are three links that will show some reasons why and how we can deal with it.

  1. Instagram knows you don’t like its changes. It doesn’t care. Read from the Washington Post.
  2. This thing only hit the news now because of the Kardashians and a petition. But we’ve been having this talk for a long time before it. Nobody from Meta listened back then.
  3. But let’s forget about it for a while and do things our way like we used to do before. Our readers will save us.And if you still need some guidance, here’s an article about 10 Ways to Stay Sane in an Overly Online World, I read in

That’s it for today.

Tell me what you think about these new ideas.

Share your own links if you have some. 

And let’s talk in the comments, they’re open for you to speak now.


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