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“In a world of endless entertainment, we often opt for guilty pleasures instead of educating ourselves. But how much of real value are those activities actually providing?”

Michael Benninger @blinkist

I’ve been listening to more #blinks lately. I’m not gonna do any ad here for the app, but I just wanted to highlight the fact. I’ve been craving more non-fiction books in my life, and those blinks have been helping me not only to think more and faster but also to find more books to educate myself.

I know, we’re kinda saturated with the “educate yourself” bs. That’s a phrase that lost its value when people started using it to end a debate that they couldn’t carry on for lacking a better thing to say. True. That’s a phrase that should sound like a good advice but carries a lot of arrogance when thrown in a heated discussion to end an argument. That’s not my intention here.

We really should educate ourselves. And not just through one book that repeats what’s trendy, nor through just one concept that is trendy to repeat. We should read more and learn more from all sides and decide which side we’re on, or if we even agree with any side at all.

All I’m saying is that it’s easy to hear an influential person’s opinion and believe and follow them because they’re… influential. But it’s hard to break out from ignorance, mediocrity, living like a news and social media parrot. And I think that reading more non-fiction and REALLY educating yourself is a good step to change that.

But non-fiction is not just for a debate. I mean, when I’m eager to learn something I’m geeking out about, I want to find all the information I can to study that thing. I did that with writing and many other subjects. It feels good.

So, for all that, I decided I’m gonna talk more about non-fiction here to share and spread the beauty of studying. I think it’s one of the elements missing in my feed, so I want to correct that course and I think you’re gonna love that.

Now, between the lines…

☕️ What non-fiction book are you reading right now? And what book changed your mind recently about something you thought you knew better?

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