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• “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

I promised I wasn’t gonna talk about content anymore, and I didn’t. Until now. Forget that. I’m breaking it thanks to the quote above, some struggles I’ve been having, and some of YOUR messages (you know who you are).

Content-creation talk seems to be somehow related to the content pillars of @beardbetweenthlines after all and the reason why some of you follow me. When I talk about my struggles as a writer, you not only feel how passionate I am for the craft but you also follow me on my journey as if you were part of it. And you are. When I do the same about content creation you feel you’re not alone in your own blogging and social media projects, and, if I do this right, I might add value to your journey, too.

So, because of that, I’m gonna fill back that empty bucket in my content planning for next month and try to think of ways to help you with your content creation while finding myself some answers about it, too.

The main problems I hear, tho, are consistency, what to write about, and “how to know if it’s good content”. So, for now, let me share some ideas by dissecting what I wrote here today.

First, Maya’s quote and the feedback of my readers led me to think about my editorial decisions, experiments, and the consequence of what I share here. Hence, to be consistent and know what to write about, you have to decide, experiment, and listen to your audience until you have a picture of your content pillars and niche.

Then, knowing that it’s not just about what we do or what we say, focus on purpose and feeling. The awareness of your purpose, who your reader is, what kind of creator you wanna be, and what feeling you want to evoke will allow you to define what to talk about and tell you if it’s good content or not.

At the end, I think we should write our posts as mindful writers, and then read them as our ideal reader. If we like both ends, it looks like good content.

— João

☕️ What do you want your readers to feel with your posts? Have you ever thought about that?

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