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If you only have a minute, Hi, my name is João. I’m a lawyer, writer, translator, and an avid reader. I’m also the bearded guy behind Beard Between the Lines on Instagram. This site is the evolution of six years of writing every day. You're gonna love it and hopefully become a better writer and reader with everything I'm sharing here. You’ll read about writing as a philosophy of life, you’ll read about reading as a way to improve your life, you’ll become part of a community of great minds, and you'll follow my journey and development as a writer in a way you can learn from my mistakes and discoveries.

If you have a little more time,

Hi, again, my name is João,

I’m really a lawyer (I know...), I’m also a writer, translator, and avid reader – which is a actually a huge part of being a writer. You should know. I also drink a-lot-more-than-I-should cups of coffee every day. Totally irrelevant but true.

I decided to write about books and writing on the internet as a hobby a few years ago, and because of that, I created an Instagram profile called Beard Between the Lines, where I’m known as “Beardy”, João, or just “Beard”.

From 2016 to 2022, a lot of things happened.

For one, writing every day about the books I read, wanted to read, or was reading, and documenting my writer’s journey in thought-provoking posts brought me over forty thousand followers from all over the world, amazing connections, and friends I never thought would be possible. It also improved my writing skills in a way you'll only believe when I tell you how, and it showed me a completely new perspective of myself and others as readers and writers.

Okay... I admit I also grew an extremely annoying addiction to social media, and I might be facing a severe content-creation burnout while I write this. I know it because I can’t even laugh anymore at the ridicule of people dancing and dubbing out-of-context sitcom and movie lines in nonsensical vertical videos.

In an attempt to escape an inevitable depressing doom on social media, I traveled the seas of blogging and newsletters and I liked what I saw. I just didn’t know what to do.

Until now.

This site is a blog, a newsletter, and a place to hang out. It's also some kind of manumission, a liberation, if you will. From social media and its chains. It’s also a completely new project in my life. I’m going to use this place to write about a new version of my writer’s journey and it's gonna be an amazing journey if I stick to the plan.

Through my words in this site, you’ll be the passenger of a vagabond trip to becoming a better writer and hopefully an author, you’ll also drink coffee with me while we discuss writing as a philosophy of life or books that makes us think, and you’ll walk with me in the scenes and sounds of stories and random thoughts of a free writer’s mind.

I’ll keep the name Beard Between the Lines cuz I love that pun. I do have a beard and I'm never satisfied with just reading or just writing. In my life, I always need to read more and between the lines, that's how I learn and understand things.

You loved that story and this About page. I know. I loved writing that too.

Now, you don't wanna miss what I'm going to post here, so...

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