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back after a week break that actually took a month

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And I’m back to this blog, too! What do you say?

From my Instagram post today.

Wow. This was the longest week break ever. It took me a whole month, actually. Hehe. But I’m back now. So let’s get back to work!

First off, just so you know, I had to take a break from this for a hundred reasons. Some of them may even be one of the reasons why YOU may think of quitting this every day. We all know it hasn’t been easy. But don’t worry. We can still do something about it. We can talk about this in the DMs if you want.

I decided I’m not gonna go into my social media frustrations in this feed anymore. I’ll just say, only this time, that social media almost stole my joy of reading and writing and I’m glad I found a way not to let that happen, which was by pausing and rethinking what I do here. I strongly recommend you do that, too, if you’re struggling.

Now, I’m officially back today. Back to this daily writing of mine. Talking about books and writing to this wonderful community. Filling @BeardBetweentheLines with the things we’re all passionate about.

And I’m back with new ideas for the old stuff to work in a better way. So, expect the best of my work in the next posts. We’ll discuss this further later. But for now, I just want to ask you one thing that I’ve missed asking during my break:

☕️ What are you reading this week?

I’m reading Descartes’s Discourse on Method. I love this book because it mixes Descartes’s autobiography with his journey in a wonderful intellectual development. This journey and time he had to think deeply about life and doubts led to a method for trying to solve problems and answer big questions. Something he would not learn in school but in life, by traveling the world, learning about different people and customs, and defying his thoughts in an organized, well, method.

So read that Discourse on Method if you’re not reading anything at the moment.

If you are, what are you reading this week?

Tell me in the comments.
Glad to see you again.


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