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Creative Writing vs Content Writing

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I’ve been asked about the differences between creative writing and content writing. In my opinion, there should be none. But technically speaking, there is.

Creative writing is defined as a type of writing that displays imagination or invention. It’s an art. The art of expressing feelings, emotions, experiences, thoughts. Anything that goes outside the boundaries of journalistic, technical, and academic writing.

Content writing, on the other hand, is an online form of engaging an audience with words and expressions easily found by search engines so that more people can have access to your content. And products. Most people write it professionally to add a little value to their readers, or, most likely, a lot of value to the brand they’re writing content for.

I could go on and on about it. But let me focus on “there should be none”.

Yes, brands need copywriters to sell and promote their products. And writing content that can serve as a funnel to finally punch the ideal client with a call to buy is an amazing job. If you’re a brand with a product, write content as defined above.

But this blog is not for brands. It’s for content creators, aspiring writers, readers.

I’ve been writing content for readers and writers on social media for four years now, and we work a little bit differently. Our type of content is creative. And both definitions merge most of the time. And the “selling” part becomes more abstract.

What I mean is that my content on social media and now transported to this blog only works when it’s more like creative writing.

It only works when I express my feelings, my emotions, my experiences. When I honestly sell a lifestyle that allows you to read and write more. When I sell ideas when I add value to your life. When I make you forget all the overload of information and let you embark on an imaginative conversation or a nice chat.

So my ideal content is creative. Therefore, there should be no difference between them.

Now, for the comments…

  • What type of content are you writing for your audience? And what do you think your audience wants?
  • If you’re a reader, what do you expect more from the content creators you follow?

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