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crime and punishment – part 3

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Oh no, one more week…

I mean… of reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. I’m sad it’s ending.

Last week, Raskolnikov had a nightmare with the pawnbroker he killed, and when he woke up with a stranger in his room. WTF?

You know, these strangers just make his life more miserable. Don’t they get that Raskol wants to keep himself separate from people, human beings, that he hates? FFS.

Well, I don’t think he hates them. I believe he disdains human beings. He intimately considers that he’s a superhuman himself, above everything, and his genuine fear is to become human and be punished like every other human would be if they did what he did. Don’t you think?

The stranger in his room is Svidrigailov, an idiot who wants to marry his sister. We’ll learn later that she wants Razumikhin. Fair choice, let’s say. She’s rational af, like we discussed last week.

Now, Raskolnikov’s situation is getting worse now. He finds out that people suspect him of the crimes. Some already know that in their hearts, and he’s with Sonya now, frightening her and believing she’s back from the dead to rescue and save him. You know, he thinks that because she’s a prostitute, she would understand transgressing moral laws and, perhaps, killing people with an ax?

I dunno… All I know is that he’s starting to lose it, and he said some things to Sonya, which happened to be heard by Svidrigailove, the stranger in the room, while he eavesdropped on the conversation in a vacant room next door.

☕️ So, what now? Flood me with your comments below, with your thoughts on this part of the book. We’re about to finish it soon. Sadly.

NEXT WEEK — Read from Chapter 4 of Part Five until 😳 the end…

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