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CULTISH, book review

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Have you ever seen words being used as a form of power to influence people or common words being used in a way that scared you?

by Amanda Montell

First off, let me say. Amanda is not just an incredibly talented writer and language scholar, she gives me hope and evidence that the future of language and young brains are not as doomed as I thought they were. Every time we chat, I leave the conversation with new ideas, a smile on my brain, and something new to study. She has a gift I rarely see these days.

Thanks to Amanda I dived into a thousand articles on the internet about language and I read a few books including WORDSLUT, written by her as well. Even though I was not the specific target audience of that book, I devoured it and let it wow me. Anb it did. I blame her witty observations and INCREDIBLE talent for telling stories.

Now, one of the things I admire the most in languages is how simple words or their combination can have a completely different meaning and power in different places, situations, and purposes. Taboo words in a country, for instance, can mean nothing so bad in another country. Well, unless they’re spread as taboo or presented with their cultural, political, or what-the-f imbued meanings, forming a global… cult?

CULTISH is bold. It’s one of the best works about language I’ve read recently. It’s about how language can be used to influence and turn terms like “old soul” into a dreadful expression for a woman who lost years of her life dedicated to a yoga and meditation group marred by fanatictism and a hidden dark side between the lines of their mantras.

CULTISH will be realeased on June 15. Read it if you want to wake up for reality and get out of the matrix. Read it to become more aware of how people can use language to try to wash your brain, control your thoughts and make you spread their cult around the world. Or just read it to be entertained by the talent, wittiness, and storytelling power of this brilliant old soul.

– João

☕️ Now, how aware are you of the words that influence your current opinions? And can you list a few words you learned in social media that made you feel weird?

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