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Delete the first and last paragraphs of your blog post draft, and most likely, it will make it better

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Dear reader,

How long should a post be? 400? 1000 words? Or do you think that you need as many words as you need to convey an idea?

Cutting what’s not essential is a great thing to do no matter how long your post will be.

But here’s another tip I found on the internet, yet another tip I don’t necessarily agree with. The first and last paragraphs of my blog posts are actually the essential ones, and the ones I focus on more.

I always have a beginning and an end in mind when I write.

I start by giving you an idea and maybe a reason for you to keep reading my post. And the end is where you’re gonna find that it was worth reading it until the end.

So, if I delete my first and last paragraphs, you’ll only have middle of my post, and I can’t just let you have it, as if I was giving you a sandwich but only with the spread and filling, not with the bread.

Does it make any sense?



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