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Do you think your captions are too long?

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Dear Reader,

Long captions or blog posts can be tricky. Writing them feels amazing, but sometimes they can be too long for your readers, specially when you decide to do it more than once a day. From my experience, posting too much or long posts twice on the same day can mean less engagement or less encouragement to read.

I do it on purpose, though, because I write to people who read, you know? If you don’t read, this is just not for you. I’m sorry.

And I know who the non-readers are because all their comments here are usually about the pictures, rudely ignoring the caption, or they comment random emojis or “wow, amazing” all the time, which looks more like a strong desire to leave a “so-and-so was here” in the comment session like vandals do with pens and knives in public restrooms. So, yea, this is not for non-readers.

That’s also why I stopped calling you a follower. I write to my readers, not my followers. You know what I mean? Understand this: it doesn’t matter how many people follow you here, what matters is how many people read what you share and who cares about your shit.

So, my persona, my ideal reader, the person I envision reading and engaging with my captions and blog, they love READING and most of them love writing too, even when they don’t call themselves writers. That’s who I’m here for. So, reading a long caption that takes less than 1.5 minutes to read is not something difficult (or long) for my ideal reader.

And I think that’s my point here: before you answer the question at the beginning of this post, ask yourself first who your ideal reader is. Because everything can change if you start from that premise. The meaning of “long” depends A LOT on who you see as your ideal reader.

However, beware: there is long-form writing and prolix writing. And there’s conveying ideas and vomiting words. You can’t let prolix and vomiting happen or you’re gonna lose your readers. Focus and use these almost 1.5 minutes wisely.



■ PS: Have you ever thought of an ideal reader while writing? Or have you ever thought you weren’t the ideal reader for a specific text?

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  • WithloveMasi

    Majestic! I often think about this topic a lot. But you’re right, I should be more focused on my READERS, and not just followers. There are people who only scroll down till the end of your post to click on the like button without reading even the title, it happens me most of the time. I say this because when I publish a blog post, how is it posible someone likes it not even 2 miliseconds after publishing? 😂

    • Beardy

      Exactly! And I think that with that in mind we can not only make content to the ones who care but also forget about numbers. Which makes social media way healthier.

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