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embrace reading, don’t take it for granted⁣

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Dear Reader,

It was bedtime. The kids were already in their pajamas tucked under blankets. I was reading them the last chapter of a book called “The Boy in the Mirror” by Fernando Sabino. That’s a coming-of-age story written by a Brazilian author that most of us read here when we are kids. It’s about a grown man telling the best stories of his childhood, and at the end, like a wrecking ball, the son of a… breaks you into f… tears in front of your kids that were ready to go to bed, with a simple freaking message about character, memories, and living a good life, that they will only fully understand when they put their own kids to bed one night and read the final chapter of that book again.

I want to share two things I realized after that episode, and I hope this changes the way you look at the act of reading.

First, when you read a book with intonation, purpose, and commitment and dive into it, you can feel the words and sentences in your body.

They travel from your eyes to your brain, from your brain to your mouth, from your ears to your brain again. It can hurt, itch, tickle, soothe, warm, freeze, and somehow it can quench your soul like a river. You wanna do that to absorb your reading and feel the literature in your soul and not just waste your time and money on books.

Second, reading is like eating. The food enters your body, and you digest it. Part of it becomes vital substances to nourish you and keep you alive, and the other part turns into… you know, shit.

The same happens to reading, so read at a pace you can savor the words in your mouth, and taste them like the best dish of a famous chef, then remember how good it tasted. Not in a hurry like a hungry animal just trying to survive. Also, digest what you read like you wanna be nourished not like you want to take… it for granted.

I’m #currentlyreading EMMA, by Jane Austen, LORD OF THE FLIES, by William Golding, a new book by @amandamontell—that I already love (I’ll talk about it soon)—, and I’m rereading HOW TO READ A BOOK, by Mortimer Adler.


■ PS: what are you reading this week? and how does it taste?

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  • WithloveMasi

    So true! I am currently reading A little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara. It was a book I wanted to read because they say it breaks your soul into pieces, but so far it tastes just normal I would say. I’ll let you know later 🤔

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