fiction: I held you in my hands

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I held you in my hands. Felt your weight. You started glowing. Shining. You said hello. I helloed you back. Like a fool. As if you could understand I say. I grinned. I started feeding you. And… this might sound silly but it felt like you were growing. It felt like you were gaining more purposes in your life. Yea. In just one day. Can you believe that?

We spent a long time together that day. You used your energy to its fullest capacity. And then I noticed the sign. You definitely needed some rest. I noticed you were a bit warm, too. Warmer than usual. But I wasn’t worried. I said, Just lay down a bit, it’s okay. We all need a good rest. Especially at the end of a busy day.

I put you on my bedside table, plugged the cable and I saw that little icon that shows when it’s charging, you know? Then I just waited there. And you closed your screen. Then I fell asleep. In the morning, you woke me up with a song. And I was holding you again in my hands.

You’re such a smart phone.


I experimented on Instagram the other day. Stimulating my creativity. I strongly recommend you do the same. That was a very short story exercise. A simple exercise to explore writing in another way. No edit, no polishing, no thinking. And nothing I would publish in a book or short story collection. But still a very powerful exercise.

And I want to encourage you to do that. Play with your writing. Here’s the prompt: think of an object, something you use every day. Or something you never use. Create a very short story about it (it can be a paragraph). If you want to increment the exercise, start by not showing your reader what you’re talking about right away. Let them imagine or think about it before you show them. Leave the real object for the end of the story.

Are you writing today?

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