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Five short paragraphs about hating a book

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Hey there,

On Instagram today, I talked about the likely chance of people hating our book of the month.

So here are five short paragraphs about hating a book.

  1. We don’t have to love every book we read, but I expect people to read the whole book and finish it if they want to tell me they hated it. So, don’t DNF.
  2. It’s okay to hate a book and even rant or write a bad review about it, but as long as you respect the craft and effort of a writer.
  3. However, it’s pretty sick to go on a mission to trash the book you hated everywhere you can. Unless the book is a real trash?
  4. Give people a chance to have their own opinion and even feel safe around you and that they won’t be bullied or killed by you if they tell you they loved a book you hated.
  5. Hating is a strong word, so you better have strong arguments for your hatred. Be ready to explain why by using intelligent remarks and well-structured grounds.

What do you think?



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