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Here, in short, is what I want to tell you

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Hey, want some coffee? Grab some and tell me what you’re. I told you I was not gonna abandon the books. They stay. They have to. But yea, I’m reading a book about writing this week. Of course, it couldn’t be any different. I’m focused. Wrote two chapters yesterday. Not bad, huh?

So, I’m reading—or rereading, actually—this book by Verlyn Klinkenborg called SEVERAL SHORT SENTENCES ABOUT WRITING. It’s a clever book about writing. Short sentences spread throughout 200 pages that you don’t even see passing, and that sounds like an honest conversation about this craft and journey of ours.

Journey. Writing is a gathering of starting points in a journey toward lively, lucid, satisfying self-expression. That’s what the book summary on the back cover says. I agree. It’s a journey itself.

And the first sentence is already one of the main ideas that every writer should be aware of, in my opinion:

“Here, in short, is what I want to tell you. Know what each sentence says, what it doesn’t say, and what it implies. Of these, the hardest is knowing what each sentence actually says.”

That idea kinda of talks to what I posted earlier about the power of reading and writing. When you read and write, you don’t just use words like you were downloading or uploading something, and that’s it. The true thing about it is on what the sentences are doing there. Why the writer put all those words together that way or why we write sentences that way. And when we understand that, your freaking bookish life goes to a whole different level, my friend.

This week I’m also reading LATER, by Stephen King (still reading it, can’t wait to finish it) and WORDSLUT by @amanda_montell, which I’m finding really really good, by the way. I love how Amanda expresses herself and how her knowledge about linguistics is so clear while also translated into an accessible and witty talk.

■ Now, what are you reading this week? Tell me about that book you have with you right now. Is it good?



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