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hey, Fall

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In Brazil, the March equinox means the beginning of Fall. This means nothing, but it’s crazy if you’re reading me from the North Hemisphere. Yep… 😅 so…

#ontheblog today, I wrote a book review on Macunaíma by Mario de Andrade, a book written as a playful hobby but that carries years of study by the author on the Brazilian Culture.

A little related #writingupdate: I took March to write the final draft of my novel. I’m still working on it, but as I was doing my research to write today’s review, I cursed Mario de Andrade for a few hours. I can’t believe he wrote that book in six days lying on a hammock. I just can’t… *punches the table*

Anyways, happy Saturday and Spring or Fall, happy March Equinox!

☕️ Alright, before I go, Mario de Andrade took six days to write Macunaíma, Ray Bradbury took nine days to write Fahrenheit 451, God took seven days to create the world… I mean, what do you think are their methods? Why do you think it was so fast?

Asking for a friend…

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