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How do you wanna reach the world with your words on a blog?

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The ability to reach the world with a blog is an opportunity generations of people would have killed to have.

— Josh Spector

I’m sticking to those tips by Josh Spector. I want to test myself using them as prompts, and I think that one resonates so much with how I started on Instagram and what my account became.

But before I talk about it, I want to create a tag, so you can find these posts more accessible. So, whenever you want to check these posts, you’ll be able to find them now under a tag called josh’s tips.

Now, I treat my Instagram account as a blog. If you follow me there, you know what I mean. Long captions, provoking thoughts, a lot of effort on the words I use.

And yea, the ability to reach the world with a blog is so amazing. I have followers from everywhere in the world! And this is so powerful as a writer. As a person who is creating content from their phone in Brazil, from a café, or my home…

I don’t think we realize this much all the time because social media and the internet as we know them has turned all this into something so banal, so obvious, that we don’t realize that we’re connecting in a way that has never been experienced before in humanity.

And those who understand this don’t share in their blogs and “channels” what they’re drinking with emojis spread among meaningless words, and they don’t lose their opportunity to share something valuable.

They understand the power of sharing things with the world and how reaching people from all over this crazy sphere where we live is enriching and meaningful.

So, yea, past generations would kill to have it. And WE, humans of the twenty-first century, we have it in our hands, in our pockets, whenever we want.

Now, what do you do with that information? What do you do with that knowledge?

I talked about Kant today on an Instagram post. I talked about categorical imperative, the ethics based on unconditional ends, and the fact that we only understand things within the limits of our knowledge.

What do you want to share, and how can you promote a responsible expansion of knowledge in the world? When I say responsible, it means unbiased, categorical… How do you want to reach the world with the words you put on your blog, social media profile, or wherever you share them?

Think about it.

And leave comments below if you want to speak out or speak up.

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