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how to behave like a writer

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Is there such a thing? Have you ever thought about what a writer should look like or how they should behave? I mean, style, clothes, way of speaking, manners?

You might paint this romantic picture of a perfect writer, wearing hipster clothes, having a coffee near a typewriter, maybe smoking cigarettes, pounding the keys, and writing their next masterpiece, with a window near them, a pile of paper gradually forming a manuscript.

Maybe you think that a writer speaks perfectly, no grammar mistakes in their speech, having the perfect words at hand to describe everything they do.

These are stereotypes but I won’t lie to you and say I didn’t think of that once. Or that I didn’t see myself like that once. When I sit at a coffee shop and fire up my tablet to write, I’m this character in my mind, this persona of a writer doing his job, creating, and having coffee between one idea and the other.

But in real life it’s a bit different, you know. Sometimes writing happens a few seconds before work, in a hurry. Sometimes it’s done while lying in the bed, on pjs in the middle of the night, maybe ruining the neck for that, typing on the tablet or my phone. Mostly, like I said yesterday, at 9 o’clock or maybe 3 or 4 pm when there’s a little window on the day to do this, to play the writer…

I still romanticize this craft. I love writing. And I kinda WANT to be that stereotype sometimes. But, you know, writing happens more inside than outside…

— João

☕️ How do you picture a writer? Describe everything that comes to your mind. I’m curious.

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