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How to find the best moment to make time for reading

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One hint: I’m not gonna talk you into waking up at five in the morning every day. But I can’t say that it wouldn’t be one of the ways you could start reading more if you tried it. I won’t lie.

You might know The Miracle Morning rituals or any variation of that concept. The early-rising army of outliers is all over the internet, forcing you to believe in the 5 AM miracle.

Hal Elrod, the author of the book about it, The Miracle Morning, encouraged his readers with his personal story to use six steps every morning to start living the life of their dreams: silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and writing. I’m sure that if you haven’t read the book, you’ve seen a hundred YouTubers talking about it.

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What the vast majority of Elrod’s followers absorbed from the book and then preached on the internet was that you have to wake up at 5 AM every day and meditate, work out, tell some nice things to yourself in the mirror, do some law-of-attraction visual exercises (remember The Secret?), read, and write. And that way, anyone can be the most badass person in the world and read more.

Well, I think it’s the other way around. The more you read, the more you become the most badass person in the world. But let’s keep talking…

While there are some coherence and science behind that 5 AM madness, you don’t have to be an early riser to read more. I mean, it’s true. When we wake up, we’re refreshed, our brain waves frequencies are at the perfect levels for good performance, receiving new information, and processing anything more quickly, but it’s not just about at what time you wake up.

If you see it from another perspective, 5 AM or even 4 AM is a good time just because everybody is sleeping, nobody a—ed you with their problems, the outside noise is not annoying, and you can be alone, doing your sh— without any distraction or disturbance, which means more focus, for sure.

So, the main takeaway of the miracle morning for me is that they found a time in the day when they could focus and do things mindfully (aware of what you’re doing).

Hence, the most important idea here is that you just have to find a moment in your day, based on your reality, when you can make time for reading. Remember we talked about this?

Ok, now, how do you do it?

Reading, like any other intellectual activity, requires us to get into a certain flow state. I’m not gonna throw you another book or hyped idea, but a flow state is when we’re “in the zone”. You know that mental state that makes us completely immersed in a feeling of energized focus? When we simply don’t pay attention to anything but that task we’re doing? That’s a flow state.

Now, think about your daily life. When is it more likely for you to get into a flow state? Is it in the morning? Is it after lunch? Is it before bed? Pick one of those “windows” and set it as a time for reading. If it works, if you read, that’s your reading time. Make it a habit. That’s when you’re going to force yourself to make time for reading.

I’m gonna give you my example. When I wake up, I can’t read anything too brainy. I just can’t pay attention. So I read the news. At around 8 or 8:30 AM, I still can’t read. But I definitely can write. That’s my writing time. From 8 to 9, I’m in a flow state for writing. Then after 9 or 9:30, wow, I’m a mindful reader ready to devour any book I want. And it happens again after lunch. Then also at around 6 PM, then again before bed.

So, I use these flow-state moments in my daily life to read. I set a 20- to 25-minute timer, and I read using my full capacity to focus. That’s how I find the best moment to make time for reading.

In a future blog post, when I read and learn more about it, I’m gonna talk about how to create opportunities to allow your flow state moments to occur more often on a day.

For now, between the lines…

When are you most likely to be focused during the day? In the morning? In the afternoon? Never? Anytime? Share it with us.

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