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How to make time for reading and writing

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There’s one thing you have to understand. I always say this. You don’t find time for what you love, you make time for it.

In a series of posts on Instagram that did a while ago about obstacles for reading more, the first topic was “time to read”. I wanted to jump right into the biggest problem that everybody creates for not reading.

I restate what I said back then. I don’t have much spare time either. I’m a full-time lawyer, I have two kids, I do a lot of things during the day. And yea, sometimes it’s stressful and most of the time I end up not doing something. It’s hard, we juggle and this is not always very healthy.

And when it comes to creating, it’s even worse because we want to do a lot of things and I don’t know about you, but I need that 60-minute distraction-free moment to write and create and read.

I know we can’t control the time with a remote control, unfortunately, but we can control it with our mindsets and a little bit of effort.

The first way to do it is to dispel the misconception about finding vs. making time. We don’t find time to do what we do, we make time. This is a powerful linguistic freedom declaration. It improves the way our brains deal with time.

I’ll tell you why. When we say we find time, it means we come upon it accidentally or by searching or effort. We hope for free time to fall from the sky as a gift or a divine opportunity.

But when we say we make time for our projects and passions, on the other hand, it means that we bring into being by forming, shaping, altering. We create the opportunity.

In other words, in modern busy life, there’s not a single chance to find time for anything. And if you find it, it’s because of luck. Our schedules are full of appointments, obligations, and most of us make sure to organize them that way, consciously or unconsciously.

But if we start shaping and altering our daily routine, being aware of how and why we’re doing this, we start making time for our passions like reading and writing in my case.

Alright, with that in mind, here’s how it can work: schedule reading and writing sessions in your day. Block a few minutes or an hour in your calendar to dedicate yourself to those things.

For instance, from 8:00 to 8:20, you’re gonna read as many pages of a novel as you can. Or from 10:30 to 11:00, you’re gonna write as many words of your novel as possible. Don’t worry about quantity, focus on quality and enjoying that time you set for those things. Do it constantly, make it a ritual. Make time.

Do the same to everything you want to dedicate your time to. Writing, planning, researching, creating, etc.

Next time we meet, I don’t wanna hear you saying that you don’t read because you can’t find the time, or that you’d love to write a novel but “when would I do it?”. If you want to do something, you make time for it.

Now, between the lines…

What is time for you? And what do you think about finding vs. making time?

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