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How to read and why

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“It matters, if individuals are to retain any capacity to form their own judgements and opinions, that they continue to read for themselves. How they read, well or badly, and what they read, cannot depend wholly upon themselves, but why they read must be for and in their own interest.”

Harold Bloom
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The book is How To Read and Why. Harold Bloom starts by advocating for deep reading. Reading classics or reading great works that enrich our culture and mind is basically the reason we should read.

Then Bloom goes through the works and authors he believes to be the best for this quest, this adventure and journey of reading and searching for something that molds us and improves our lives.

He not only talks about the works and authors, but he also elaborates his points of view in an irrefutable list of arguments on why they are important, why they matter, and what each kind of read is for.

It’s one of those books that you have to read if you’re a bookworm or if you’re in doubt about why you’re reading big books and why you’re spending your time and effort on reading.

I never questioned that in my life (why to read), but I wanted to read this book for a long time. To see it from another perspective. And I enjoyed how beautifully and thoroughly Harold Bloom talks about the works he loves. Some that I already read and felt exactly like he described. Some that I read but didn’t see what he saw. And some that I put on a list to read later, to fill the gaps in my soul and mind with words. Gaps that this book ended up making me aware of.

Read this if you want to enhance your bookish life.

Now, tell me something, what book improved your life?

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