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I had a crazy idea, and you’ll be my accomplice⁣

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I mean, Dear Reader, there’s nothing wrong with it. Relax. Hear my plan: I wanna make money with my passion.

Don’t raise that eyebrow. You know what I mean. You want it, too. Passion to profit. That’s our Millennials dream. …and mental health.

Seriously, hear me out: I love creating content and writing, and I sure love sharing stuff here—otherwise, I wouldn’t have ANYTHING else to say anymore. Truth. And I love doing it for free (and for likes and comments wink). But I was talking to a friend I met here and they said, “you know? you could make money with that content…” and I was like, “whuut?”

I’m kidding. I knew that. I know six ways to make money on social media, actually, and two ways, in my opinion, to make them work.

We’re talking about (1) affiliate marketing, (2) sponsored content, (3) your products and services, (4) courses, (5) paid extra content, and (6) paid coffee cause your readers love your free content smile.

To make it work, it’s simple: HONESTY and COHERENCE.

So, for instance, I’m a writer, I read a lot, and I drink tons of coffee. Does it make any sense if I try to sell you watches, candles, or yogurt? No, it doesn’t. Would you trust me? No. I wouldn’t trust MYSELF. Period.

But if I write something more, like books, newsletters, or any exclusive content, if I create a course, or if I give you good books to read through a link cough that will give me a commission if you use it to buy them cough, it will make sense. You’ll trust me. No doubt.

And that’s the plan: I want to test those things, see if my friend was right, and tell you if they work. You can help me, of course. You’re cool and you trust me.

So, I’ll start with some links for books and coffee in my stories (you can choose your favorite way to help), but I’m more excited about these paid newsletters with exclusive content I’m creating. You’re gonna love them, but you’re gonna have to wait until next week to know more. I’m still working on them…



■ PS: What monetization technique do you prefer here? And what extra content would you like to pay for from this bearded writer you love?

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