I think I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time.

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I think I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time. I was watching some famous screenwriters talking about their writing process and I immediately thought, Wait a minute, that makes perfect sense.

I raised my eyebrows and found a little lightbulb shining next to my head, you know what I mean? My process would be so much better and simpler if I did that!

I’d divide this process into three steps:

FIRST STEP — gather, collect, and freely hoard notes, beats, characters, themes, ideas, dialogues, scenes, and everything they can, even sketches and pictures if that is the case.

SECOND STEP — filter and organize the mess, separate the wheat from the chaff, and build an outline that makes sense in a story strulture.

THIRD STEP — Write to merge everything.

⁣The first step is the freedom and the right-brain moment. The perfect condition every creator needs. You can do anything and gather anything however you want. You’re free from diction decisions, editing, style, form, and all these things that make us stuck in our writing process.

The second step is the reason part. As we smoothly transition to the left side of the brain, we analyze everything, find patterns, we ma ke sense of those pieces and reorder them to give us a map of our whole story.

The third step is where right meets left and we swing between them and we stitch the pieces together using the threads of our diction and voice and the needle of your style.

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What do you think? Would that process work for you?

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  • WithloveMasi

    These are great tips. I try to mostly dedicate the first part of my work to research and create a conceptual map of themes, plot, characters, rising action, etc… Then I prefer to start a first draft on paper, because I feel ideas and creativity floating more easily.

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