I think you should read this book, part 2

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…if you’re having trouble reading after a long slump or pause

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on Instagram today

What book would you recommend?

Today, I recommended a book on reading on Instagram for those who are on a reading slump or finding it hard to read something at the moment.

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The book I recommended was this:

What We See When We Read”, by Peter Mendelsund

more about reading slumps

Now, let us talk more about this feeling of a reading slump or that you can’t read anything.

1. Here’s an internet article on why reading slumps happen: What Causes a Reading Slump?

2. Here’s an interesting approach on why our inner voice may cause a reading slump, which I do not strongly agree but it’s an interesting opinion, and also a few things we can do to cure it: Why your inner voice is causing your reading slump – and how to fix it

3. And here’s a complete opposite article for you to think about. I mean, we’re talking about curing and how bad a reading slump is, but what if you decide to embrace it? Read this: Why I’m Beginning to Embrace Reading Slumps

That’s it.

I hope you have a great day.


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