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If Instagram were just the door…

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If Instagram were just the door of the coffee shop where we meet every day, where would our table be?

You never know what’s gonna work and what’s not and when you commit to an idea and you don’t like the results, you’re gonna want to go back and try other things and change. And that’s hard to explain.

I saw a video on YouTube by @petermckinnon last year about this. He’s an amazing content creator and he said something like “don’t announce your content or new things”, cause changes are inevitable and you’re just gonna pigeonhole yourself to whatever you announce. He also said he was not happy about his content and it was a good thing because it helps him evolve in a certain way.

I already said this before, not long ago: social media and content creation are part of an experimenting journey. That’s how it works. The only way.

But it’s like writing, you know? If you tell your reader that you’re gonna take your story in a certain direction and then you swerve out of the blue in the narrative, you’re either gonna cause an accident and wreck your story, or you’re gonna have to pray they see you as a master in plot twists.

Alright, here’s the thing. And here’s why I’m saying all that? I’m not completely satisfied with the way my content is delivered to you. That’s the thing. The medium is kinda frustrating me now.

I mean, I love writing this way, and I love my captions, I write them with pleasure. But I don’t like the way I’m delivering my writing to you. Does that make sense

You see, I’m here for the interaction. I’m here to share my thoughts about books and writing. And I have to put it all down into words. But, to be honest, I only use Instagram because here’s where YOU are.

And that leads me to finally ask you. Because I do it for you, as well. I sure wanna be content with my content, but I care about your experience too. Every content creator should think this way in my opinion.

So, with all being said, I wanna ask you: where would you read me and have this chat we have every day if not on Instagram? We can still use IG as a door, but where would you sit and chat with me through my content? My blog? Medium? Where?

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