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If reading is like eating words…

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⁣If reading is like eating words and digesting ideas, writing must be like cooking. If you think that way, your piece of writing will turn into food you could make in a million different possible ways. Food for thought or food for the mere delight of savoring words.

So, say your words are a chicken fillet, a cut of boneless meat. You might just want to sear it on a pan and serve it with a pinch of salt or spices, a dash of olive oil, and a parsley leaf on top, and call it a dish.

And it’s gonna be good. I know it will. I like that sometimes. Simple, looking like the safest choice, but still good.

But I don’t know about you. I find a Schnitzel more interesting. Bread crumb coated, fried crisp and golden, crunching in my teeth, melting on my tongue, making me talk with my mouth full cause even though I want to savor the words in silence, at the same time I want to pronounce them out loud to have a full experience. Add some potato to it and mayonnaise to dip it in, make it smooth, and wow. The taste.

That’s how I think writing ceases to be just writing and gets seasoned to become literature. When you’ve got texture, flavor, memory, balance, taste, explosion. That’s how I like my words. Served on a literary dish you’ll remember and crave and ask for more because you had such an amazing sensorial experience with their words when they got into your mouth. Because the aftertaste of those words lingered longer in your brain’s papillae after you chewed them in your wild phonetic degustation.

Now, how do you do it?

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How do you add that texture and taste to your writing? How do you create that explosion of senses with your words and sentences? And if you don’t write, when was the last time you had such a meal from a book? And what book was it?

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