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Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app

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Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. It’s true, IN 2013, Instagram introduced video with their first 15-second format. REMEMBER? Kevin Systrom, the CEO at the time, said, “what we did to photos, we did to video.” After that, video sharing evolved to 60-second videos on the feed, and then Stories, IGTV, Reels. And we all hated them AT FIRST.

Last week, when Adam Mosseri said “we’re no longer a photo-sharing app” it triggered an insanely stupid amount of doomsayers rushing to their cameras and pounding their laptops to produce a massive message to creators: photos are dead.

GUYS. GUYS! Look at me. Photos are NOT. DEAD. We HAVE to start thinking here. Seriously. Good sense cannot die with all this blind resharing of shit in this platform! They introduced video in 2013! FFS! We all USE it already. And we still share photos too. What about carousel written slides? Dude, that’s PowerPoint on Instagram! Are we gonna freak out about that too?

The truth is that Instagram is one of the most effective social media we have today, and the opportunities that we creators have here are huge. We have this love and hate relationship with the platform, true, but we can’t deny that⁣ this app is the easiest way to reach people today.

And what Mosseri meant was that it’s time to DECLUTTER video sharing. Not to kill photos. Reconcile all four video formats we have here.

I also agree with Mosseri when he says that this platform serves for two main reasons: to connect with our friends and to entertain. I’d say more, it’s an app to build a community around a passion we all share. No matter how.

Take me, for instance, I’m a writer and book lover. Photos, videos, whatever, they’re all accessories or accidents to what I write and share here. My focus is THIS, my WORDS, what you’re READING right now. Period.

So, what am I talking about? Instagram is messy. We all know that. But it teaches us a great lesson about being a creator:

  • experiment
  • listen to the audience
  • try new things
  • make mistakes
  • see what works
  • repeat good patterns

And please think before you share.

■ Now, what do you create? And how do you stimulate your creativity?

• first seen on @beardbetweenthelines

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