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it starts with a plane crash…

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The plane is bombed and crashes into an island. No grown-ups around, only kids. But what appears to be an island-of-adventure story turns into a clear and frightening manifest of evil inheritances of the dark side of humankind. There’s a beast inside every heart of every innocent kid there, coming to the surface, battling between building a civilization or succumbing to savagery, staying there, or being rescued. Will they ever be rescued, tho? I’m not sure yet.

I’ve just finished LORD OF THE FLIES, by William Golding. I read this book with such enthusiasm. I still can’t believe how simple it’s read and yet how deep it is the message between its lines. How profound thoughts about humanity it can provoke. As a writer, I’m jealous and angry, and I’m also amazed.

I suggest you read this book with an open mind but also with a critical brain. LORD OF THE FLIES is not a classic by accident. It’s a masterpiece and a mirror of what we can do when we gather around as children speaking without knowledge, following the wrong leaders, destroying instead of creating.

— João

☕️ Have you read this book? Share your thoughts about it. If you haven’t, what are you reading this week? And what do you think is between the lines of what you’re reading?

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