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I’ve been blogging for a week now

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It’s been a week that I revamped and restarted this blog. I can’t tell you enough how much in love I am with this format right now. I feel free. You should try it.

And I love the looks of this theme I chose. Did you notice that the sidebar picture changes at every post? I wanted to keep something alive from my Instagram experience. I love that.

Okay, enough with the babbling. I said I would share my experience with you during the process of blogging, this is why I’m writing this post. It’s my first milestone. A week since I started.

Now, in celebration of that, I’m gonna tell you some things I did before starting, what I’m doing to make it work, and what I can do to make it better. I’ll break it all down to four parts:

  1. The boring part
  2. The cool part
  3. The coolest part
  4. The conclusion

So, speeding up the boring part

The first thing I did to make this blog work again was to changed my host service to DreamHost. It’s cheaper than my old host service and I liked their user experience and interface better. The support is great too, yet I only needed it once at the beginning because I’m a newbie to all this. Then I migrated my old WordPress files to this host, tried to create a theme from scratch all by myself but, in the end, I decided to buy this theme here and use it.

Best decision ever. So if you’re thinking of creating a blog this year, check those items off right away: choose a great host service, a user-friendly blogging software, and find a theme that you love.

But, in other words, first I eliminated the distractions of money, visuals, and technical annoyances.

Now the cool part…

I sat down in late December and drafted a content plan for the whole month of January. I wrote an outline for every article and Instagram post I was going to (or still gonna) share. I listed the photos I wanted to go with each content. And the days I wanted to post everything.

Planning your content is the key to a guaranteed stress-free creation process and the best workflow. Sometimes I will ignore the plan but knowing what I’m going to post before I write the article makes my life a lot easier.

I’m gonna talk a lot about that here later but, just for a sneak peek of that conversation, I’m using an app called Craft to outline everything. At the end of the month, plan the content, then, every day, I write the next day’s post based on what I’ve planned.

Craft is an app that looks a lot like and is just as powerful as Notion (if you know it) but the interface is more minimalistic and clean. That’s why I love it so much.

I also use a minimalist word processor called Ulysses, and I’m gonna talk a lot more about it too.

See what I did here? What?? NO! They’re not affiliate links (except for DreamHost). Pfff, you guys… What I did was to turn my process into something more organized and clean, and set up tools to make my life easier, so I could avoid stupid distractions, and so I could just focus on the writing process…

Finally, the coolest part

My goal now is to optimize writing. That is a goal I have for January and the whole of 2021. It requires some level of focus and effort, and I have a long way ahead but here’s what I have in mind…

I want to write and make as much content ahead that I can, so I can dedicate my time to other writing projects too.

If you’re here because of writing, you know exactly what I mean. 

We sure can make time for writing but time flies af when we’re doing it. A few hours dedicated to writing three blog posts or two chapters of our novels end up being the few hours we wrote only one post or half a chapter and we closed our computers to cry and call ourselves frauds. I’ve been there.

There must be something we can do to optimize that, though. I’m on this quest this year, and as soon as I find a solution, I’ll share it with you. And you can share with me whatever works for you.

But my first hunch has to do with everything I said above. Check this out…

If you followed my thoughts so far, here’s what I did:

  • I changed something that wasn’t good for me and made it work in a way it doesn’t stress me out.
  • I eliminated all distractions that could prevent me from writing the way I wanted.
  • I chose tools that are minimalistic and have a clean design so they also don’t distract me.
  • And now I’m focusing on the most important part of being a writer: the writing.

See? I told you. Don’t underestimate those valuable tips. 

The next milestone is one month of blogging and I expect to bring more tips and cool ideas for you…

Meanwhile, for the comments…

What distracts you while you’re writing? And what do you do to avoid distractions?

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