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july is here

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— July is here, the kids have winter break at school, I’m working from home, so we may spend some time in the country for a few days. And it’s inevitable, my brain starts thinking of lists for everything. So, let me share that with you.


This month, for #BeardyReads, we decided to read REBECCA by Daphne Du Maurier. But first, we chose a genre for our month: classic thriller. And those in the group who already read REBECCA chose to read the other runner-ups: THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, by Patricia Highsmith, and WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE, by Shirley Jackson. I’m reading all three.

But it won’t stop there. I’ll read a lot this month. And the curious thing is that I might not have to take so many physical books with me this time. I finally have a lot of on Kindle and PDF to read and although I will have a separate bag for books, it will not be anything absurd. That’s something I never thought I’d say a few years ago, which means I may be completely used to e-books now.


I want to finish my novel this month, and I’m close to doing that. I’m gonna share some things about it here in stories and some posts. There’s a list for that too.

And after yesterday’s IGTV post, your feedback, and some enriching conversations I had with some of you via DM, I decided I will explore some expansion of my content this month. A little bit everywhere. Medium, for sure, blog posts, Twitter, and let’s hope I finally found a good service to launch my exclusive content. I think I did, and I’m also gonna talk about that soon.


Alright. I admit. I’m obsessed with lists and planning, I already said that before. But here’s the thing, when we have a lot of ideas and things to do, we tend to get a bit overwhelmed by them if they look as floating distractions around us. So when I pick them up and pin them to a list in an organized project, I feel I can breathe and think, you know? That’s why I love lists.

Plus, the feeling of crossing things out of a project list is almost like chocolate on a winter day! (…) Too much? Ok…

■ What’s your plan for July? What are you gonna read? And write? Do you have a list?⁣

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