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just get started, but know you’re not alone

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⁣Dear Reader, today we’re doing something different. Yes, we. I invited Ann Kroeker (@annkroeker) to write this caption with me.

JOÃO — Ann is an author, writing coach, and podcaster. If you love writing and podcasts, you know her as the unique voice “cheering you on as a writing coach in your ear.”

She’s been my writing coach since her first episode, in 2014, of Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach podcast—something that helped me a lot in my writing journey because her work always had something spot-on that would answer my questions or guide me as a writer.

Thanks to my daily writing here, I can proudly say that we became friends. By the way, that’s a big milestone for me because her work was one of my inspirations to start talking about writing and prove we’re not alone in this.

And it all started to improve with a writing coach in my ear…

ANN KROEKER — At any point in the creative journey, writers may need to build skills, navigate the publishing landscape, improve a work in progress, or find inspiration during a creative drought. Writing coaches can step in and offer vital support.

You’ll find coaches who focus on novelists, nonfiction authors, bloggers, copywriters, essayists, and poets. Whatever their specialty, writing coaches draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience to address your specific needs and accelerate your path to publishing. We identify struggles and strategize next steps. Like you, we love books, we love words, and we love empowering writers.

So, we wanted to come here and tell you that we, writers, are not alone. For as much as writing can be the lonely or solitary act that it is, we have EACH OTHER, and we can find amazing people here to guide us in this adventurous craft: coaches, teachers, and eventually, partners, cowriters, writing buddies, and friends, to share our thoughts and improve.

We’re not alone.


Ann and João⁣

■ PS: Where are you in your creative journey? And what do you think you need to improve the most? How can we help you?

PPS: Follow @annkroeker for more of her content and check her podcast episode no. 236 about writing with others!

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