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Let the punishment begin

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Let the punishment begin. In his head first. He suffers among his confuse emotions. He’s paranoid, anxious, weak, delirious…

At this point, Dostoyevsky is painting our man Raskolnikov as a weak figure balancing on a tightrope, hanging by a thread, struggling between remaining free and confessing his crimes.

He’s getting lost in his abstract world, if he’s not already. He’s about to faint in front of reality and his struggle, while Dunya, his sister, facing life with strength, proves to be the real rational and practical member of the family.

And we learn that Raskolnikov wrote an article, “On Crime”. He wrote and argued that certain men have a right to commit murder. Supermen, above the law and moral. Not him, though. He’s not a superman, is he? He sees that now with a lump on his throat.

We’re reading CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Dostoyevsky on #beardyread. Next week, we’re going to discuss Chapter 6 of Part Three to Chapter 3 of Part Five.

☕️ Meanwhile, check the comments below and let’s talk about what we’ve read so far.


(1) What’s the worst punishment? The one you receive or the one you inflict on yourself?
(2) There’s something really avant-garde here for a literature work written in the 1860s. What is it?
(3) How do you feel about this “superman” idea that Raskolnikov defends in his article?
(4) What do you think that Dunya represents in this story?
(5) Talk more… Open your heart and speak your mind about what we’ve read so far.

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