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let’s take a walk

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→ Let’s take a walk.

So, before Quarantine-21, I was walking every day after dropping my kids at school. I realized that walking is my favorite exercise. The best 30 minutes I could give myself in the morning.

I’m trying to do that in the country now, where we are hiding from the city. I’m still working things out to build that habit. I had a strong motivation before: going home. Right?

But I believe that if you build the right mindset, you can do anything. That’s what I’m focusing on.

Now, when I say that walking was the best 30 minutes I could give myself in the morning, I meant that every walk was dedicated to something meaningful and pretty much needed for us these days.

So, today I’m sharing three things I do when I walk for 30 minutes, also hoping that this post inspires you and, honestly, that it inspires ME to keep doing that every day.


  1. TALK TO YOURSELF — Yea, you gonna look crazy af, but don’t think about it. If you prefer not even speaking, that’s okay. But talking to yourself is the best way to have new ideas, solve problems, make lists, organize your day, and even know yourself better. When was the last time you did that?
  2. MEDITATION AND BREATHING — We need that. We need to recharge our batteries, defog our brains, and be ready to face the world and the day. Meditation and breathing are great for that. So focus on your steps, breathe in and out, clear your mind.
  3. LISTEN TO LEARN OR TO READ — I’m gonna tell you the truth: I don’t like audiobooks. But I do love podcasts, and I love the shortcasts and blinks on @Blinkist. So that’s what I go for. But if you’re okay with audiobooks, try them too while walking. The idea here is to listen to a book or something you can learn from.

Yea, now that I’m rereading this post, I think I have enough inspiration to turn walking for 30 minutes in the morning into a great way to start the day.

And it would be like a 5-minute talk, other 5 minutes to meditate, and the other 20 minutes just for listening to a great thing.

■ @beardbetweenthelines

☕️ Now, tell me, how do you start your day? And if you walk too, what do you do on the way?

@Blinkist is a mobile app with 15-minute audio and text summaries of over 3,000 bestselling nonfiction books. It also has short podcasts and audiobooks now. I really use the app and they didn’t pay me anything to say that.

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