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I’ve been browsing and reading and saving and taking notes. Digesting. I talked about it today on the blog. Check the link in the beard.

Inspiration. A walk in nature, meditation, playing with camera angles and drones and other ways to photograph everything that looks beautiful. Making lists.

Travel, wanderlust, coffee, food, lifestyle, nature, urban, cozy, hygge, hipster, books, vintage. Search terms. SEO. Blogging. The best Instagram feeds. Where does it all converge?

Deep breathing, drawing, sketching. Making videos, finding courses, watching videos, planning courses. Making money, being authentic, being honest. See where the creative mind can travel in this wide web? A rabbit hole. If you can breathe, breathe. Pause.

Try something new. Test possibilities. Do it. Write a bucket list, a brain-dump list, create vision boards, brainstorm for ideas, think about challenges, ask people what they want, ask YOURSELF what YOU want. Then forget about it and breathe.

Music and art and books and movies and blogs and microblogs and trends and everything creative.

Write a journal, embrace habits, take a break, express yourself creatively, take a shower, think about everything then think about nothing and take a walk. Read from the beginning…

Are you content with your content?

☕️ What do you do to find inspiration to create content? And what would you like to see here? I mean, what do you think I could explore more in my content, in my captions, in my pictures? And, if I’m not asking too many questions, what do YOU think you could explore more in YOUR content? And what’s stopping you?

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