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Saturday updates

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I took March to finish my final draft. It took me five days to realize we’re already in March. I expect to be on the march next week. See what I did there? No comments.


Yesterday’s poll in my stories made me take urgent measures in my blog and content planning. Well, not that urgent, but 200 people answered that they read most of my content on Instagram, 10 on the blog, 34 on both.

So, here’s what I did:

• First, I used the words of my friend and favorite editor, @peholdsworth: “Bloody’ell”

• Then I took a deep breath and agreed that I knew that already and that I’m pretty happy with my blog anyways.

• Then I decided to put Instagram captions available under a specific category in the blog. So, go to to check it. I’ll tell you more about it later in this caption.

• I already decided to do this to work on my novel and plan my content more wisely this month, but now I’m officially telling you that I’ll write fewer blog posts per week and I’m gonna see how I’m gonna use Instagram from now on. You might have seen me surrendering to reels, and I want to use what’s left of this crazy platform until it’s still a thing.

• The blog is my official home. So, you will always find my complete content there.

And this leads us to…

What I want to achieve with “reposting” my Instagram content on my blog?

Better SEO for sure, more traffic to Instagram from the blog and vice versa, and I noticed that I can use tags to link my Instagram captions mirrored on the blog to related blog posts. Wow! Mind-blogging. I mean, mind-blowing! I finally found a way to connect everything.

Remember that content creation perfection is achieved by running experiments, and if you don’t try everything, you’ll never know what works. Just don’t get crazy.

You can also check my content on Twitter, at, and you can use the link to check all the latest content in one place.

— first posted on @beardbetweenthelines

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