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No one is looking for a blog post to read

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…but everyone is looking for a solution to a problem.

There’s another quote by Josh Spector. Another wise one, by the way. Solving a problem in your content is a great thing you do to your audience.

Sometimes (or most times) my blog posts and captions have sound like conversations. I like writing this way. But I try to solve a problem most of the time to be worth it of their reading.

I don’t like technical problem-solution text exactly. I believe that even in a simple conversation, you may find a solution to a complex problem. And that’s what we’re looking for most of the time.

Well, that’s not the point here. The point is that, it doesn’t matter how you do it, but if you want your reader to finish what you write online with a sensation they took a gift from you with them, try to solve a problem.

That’s one of the most significant values you can add to your reader’s life with your content writing, with whatever you share. A solution to a problem.

You see, sometimes it’s even between the lines (pun intended). I mean, a struggle you’re having right now, and you decide to share with your audience, can be relatable and all, but when you talk about how you’re dealing with it and what you’re doing to cope with your problem, it can bring the solution that someone is dying to find.

Man, even a book review, where you rant about the book or praise it when nobody seems to like it can be the solution to a dilemma. Your opinion can turn into a crucial element to help someone decide about their ideas.

Your rants or praises will make someone stop feeling alone. And if you add some meat to your reasons, you can help them defend their opinion.

But those are just examples. The takeaway here is: solve a problem. Find your reader’s pain. Offer them a painkiller. And you’re gonna write outstanding content.

But hey. Don’t go thinking you can solve all the problems in the world. Stay in your circle of competence to begin with. Offer what you know best.

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