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Let’s travel… without traveling. Or FIVE WAYS TO TRAVEL WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR COUCH

The whole story of my novel happens in my surroundings. Literally from one to five blocks from where I live. The streets and details are clear, and sometimes I can walk around and take some pictures to find some inspiration or clear something up.

Umberto Eco said in an interview once that he liked traveling to the places he would mention in a book. To walk where one of his characters would. To make them do what you’d expect them to do if you’d been to that place. He would even count the steps of the stairs. Every detail could be used somehow.

The problem with realism is that we want to be as accurate as possible. We want the reader to be teleported to the scene and walk and be with the character. So, yea, I agree, every detail counts.

But here comes the cold-water-throwing part of this caption: the pandemic. And all the travel restrictions around the globe.

If you’re not lucky enough to have thought of a story that sets around your house or in a place you’ve been multiple times in the past, here are five ways to travel without leaving your couch:

  1. Read travel books — Travel books will give you the cities’ hotspots and some ins and outs about it.
  2. Read books set in the place — you’ll find the authors feelings and some useful info to use as a starting point.
  3. Watch movies, series, and videos set or about the place — if you immerse yourself in the right material, you almost feel like you’re there.
  4. Read and watch travel bloggers on their blogs, YouTube, and Instagram — A lot of these creators made their content exactly to take us to the places they visited, so let’s explore their content. Just be aware of the fake glamorous travelers. There’s a lot of them.
  5. Explore Google Earth — you can find a lot of cities in 3D now on Google Earth, and this helps a lot with visualizing paths and surroundings for our settings.

☕️ Now, how do you travel without traveling? Give us some tips about it.

— @beardbetweenthelines

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