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On writing and its process

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Yesterday, we talked about reading as a superpower that we are born with. There’s another superpower that manifests as soon as Reading is switched on in our lives.

It’s writing. Writing is a superpower that allows you to do whatever you want to yourself and your reader.

I mean, by using symbols and composing sentences out of words and with them to make paragraphs that make stories and narratives and descriptions and ideas, you can provoke and print anything in your reader’s mind even if you’re the only one who’s gonna read what you wrote.

The writing process is cruel though. I dare to repeat myself, using the same idea of my previous post. The key is repetition. Repetition makes practice and practice improves the writing process. There’s no other way, I guess.

Writing is in its broad sense—as distinct from simply putting words on a paper—has three steps: thinking about it, doing it, and doing it again (and again and again, as often as time will allow and patience will endure).

— Thomas S. Kane

Thinking about it, doing it, and doing it again, and learning about it.

In another post, last month, about how to start writing in 2021, I talked about learning the craft. Learning about techniques and elements of writing. That’s another part of the process.

You can read books, like the ones I mentioned in another recent post, or you can find information online. It’s worth it.

As part of my purpose in this blog, I’m gonna start sharing some important lessons now and then, hoping I can help you in your journey and hoping I can better retain what I have learned so far.

Before we dive in to it, let me know something:

Between the lines…

What is your biggest challenge or obstacle when you write?

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