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Being a writer carries this wish to be read. Writing captions on Instagram every day is not only a great exercise to improve concision, conversational writing, and effective conveyance of messages, it also builds an audience for my writing. The same audience we might wish for our books and stories.

But we face a dilemma, too. The old writer vs content creator battle. We end up mixing them. We lose focus of both. We start having rocks in our heads. Nothing works properly. And we start losing ourselves. Stressfully. And we end up having to choose what to prioritize. For the sake of sanity.

The same goes for blogging, I guess. But I would say that blogging gives less anxiety. Well, unless you think that things are way slower here. It takes a life for building a blogging audience. Or I’m just doing this wrong. I don’t know.


What if we WANT to do both? What if we want to write our books and stories and be read, but also have some presence in social media? Why? Because we have something to say that goes beyond or doesn’t fit our fiction. Because we want to be part of a community and learn and share things. Not dancing and pointing at stuff. Sharing thoughts.

I want to encourage people to read more, discuss books I read with people who love reading, I wanna talk about writing and learn with or from other writers. And I know how much it improves us when done right, and how much it makes a difference when done with our hearts.

I missed that. I missed writing on Instagram every day. And for the first time, not in an unhealthy way, like an addict. I just missed it. Sitting in the morning, coffee cup, writing a post. It’s cool. When done healthily.

But I needed to reconnect myself with my writing soul, too, you know. And I found something I lost in the way. That’s what shared on Instagram today. A key. A method for this whole madness. The key not to lose your writer’s soul in or for social media.

We have to separate the writer from the content creator IF we want to do both. We have to find energy and peace of mind to create compartments. Separate sections of our structures. Separate a time for writing and a time for creating content and a time for life. And a mindset for each of them, too.

So I’m back to writing on social media as of today. With new energy and focus. Compartmentalized.

Here’s a plus. I know it sounds crazy, but splitting your life into compartments is not that difficult.

Try this:

  1. Learn how many compartments you have and how they work (as in what time is best for each one, how much energy you need, etc).
  2. Then allocate the right amount of time and energy to each compartment.
  3. Close all compartments that don’t work or that you don’t need, even if that means no writing on social media every day, for example.

This post is an expansion of today’s post on Instagram. If you like it, let me know.

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