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put your records on, but don’t tell me your favorite song, just write⁣

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Hey, what’s up? I know. Why records when we have Spotify, right? And the answer is not because I’m old or a hipster. I might be one of those, I don’t know, but it’s more because of the vibe.

Because the scratching sound or records makes a white noise you’d want to listen to while writing (believe me). Because it feels like you’re back in time when you didn’t have wi-fi, tasks, and a right time to do things, a time that you didn’t establish, you know? A schedule that makes you do everything in a hurry because the world is fast and you don’t control it. But slow down. Try it. Put your records on. And write.

Yea. We’re talking about music and writing. Again. I know, I go back and forth in this, and I bring this subject now and then to check where we are in this topic. It the same page always, but just checking again.

Certain songs or music genres put us in the mood to write. Others just disturb us and make us lose focus. I like white noise, I strongly recommend it. And I like jazz and soft gypsy jazz. But it all depends on the mood you want to transfer to your writing. Or the mood you need to get things done.

Where do you stand on that?

— João

☕️ What’s your opinion on music and writing? Does it help? Does it bother you?

PS: No book was harmed in this picture. I realize now that it was a bad idea to use my next read as a coaster. But, you know… books in pictures, who never did that?

■ first seen on @beardbetweenthelines

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