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read between the lines

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BEARD BETWEEN THE LINES is not just a pun. I’m the kind of reader who really turns reading into some sort of scavenger hunt. I collect relics, writing tips, metaphors, similes, styles, associations, words, anything I can gather, actually. That is why I can’t ever NOT finish a book. There’s always something for me to extract, to find, or filter, or sift… between the lines.

I talked about LORD OF THE FLIES, by William Golding, this week, and I couldn’t stop thinking of the metaphors in that book. And I started thinking of other works that read like children’s books or just innocent stories but carry a strong political, cultural, or even psychological metaphor.

ANIMAL FARM, by George Orwell, is the first one that comes to my mind. At first, it seems like a story about pigs and other farm animals who unite to take over the farm because they feel oppressed by its human owner. They want to build their own estate and live by their own rules. And, in the beginning, they refute everything human, of course, but then… you know what happens, your eyes open widely, you raise your brows, you pause your read, you start thinking of real things and history and everything, and you realize that Orwell’s novel is not an anthropomorphic cute story about animals making a revolution, is it? There’s something between the lines.

I admire authors that can do that with such a mastery like Orwell, Dickens, Huxley, and so many others.

And, my friends, I invite you to read between the lines. Find what’s behind a story. What lies below the surface of a character? What’s implied in all this simple narrative you’re reading?

Read between the lines, and maybe reading will become a completely different experience for you. Just try.

— João

■ Now, what was the last book you read and found relics, lessons, or even other meanings between the lines?

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