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read this if you have a huge pile of books

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Read this if you have a huge pile of books smiling at you and making you uncomfortable.

Yesterday, we talked about organizing our writing life. Today, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You know what elephant. That huge pile of books you have there and you don’t even know where to start. Quick tip: matchsticks and fire are not the solutions, and you know that deep in your heart, Montag.

I’m gonna give you an infallible three-step process:

  • collect
  • plan
  • read


Bring your unread books together and separate them in different piles: by genre, by bought or gifted, by theme, by mood, by “wanna read” vs “I don’t know why I have it”. Whatever works best for you. And put them in the order you want to read.


Remember that I taught you about reading sessions? 25 minutes and the number of pages? Block the time and create reading sessions in your calendar. Then plan your reading according to how many pages you can read in a session.

For example: Say you have a 150-page book and you can read 50 pages every 25-minute session. In three sessions you’re gonna finish that book. Got it? You can even read it in one day if you’re committed enough.


That’s the hardest part now because everything I just told you so far sounds like work or school. And thanks to dorks in offices and schools, most of us hate tasks and see them as an obligation that suppresses our freedom.

Well, that’s where you have to remember what reading meant to you before work and school. The mesmerizing power you felt in your hands when you picked your first book and made sense of those symbols printed on every page you devoured of that book that made you fall in love with reading. That’s the feeling you need right now.

When you finally sit to read, you must forget the first two steps. Now you’re gonna dive into the words of your read.


But yes, at the end of your sessions, take note of how it went. If you read more than your usual pages per session, leave the plan as it is, and if you read less, change the plan to fit your reading pace for that book.


▶︎ Does that work for you? Do you have a better idea to tackle a TBR?

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