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read this if you want to build a better reading habit

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You read more than you think. You’re reading this, for example. You read signs in the street while you’re driving, you read subtitles in movies and series. And you read e-mails all day if you’re doomed with modern life enough. But listen…

With all these slack uses of daily reading, it’s a bit odd, but you find it hard to sit and read a book, don’t you? And you might be right. You do those kinds of reading every day because it’s part of your automated life. Maybe reading a book is not. It’s not in your planned schedule, so you treat it more like a thing you COULD do in your spare time than an actual daily HABIT.

Here’s what I want you to do. Yes, I WANT you to do it because I care about you. If you care about reading these words I put down in my captions every day, I need to reward you properly. I’m doing this now. I do want you to feel the benefits of reading and here’s how.

Pick a book. But not any book, pick one that you loved in the glory days of reading of your past or one that makes you feel something more by just reading the title, the blurb, or maybe a few lines of the plot or the first chapter. Pick that one.

Now, look at your calendar and block 25 minutes every day wherever you find 25 minutes on it. The reason to use that number has to do with productivity theories and the Pomodoro technique, but don’t worry about that. Just block 25 minutes and call it “Reading Session”.

At your scheduled time, pause everything you’re doing, and read that book. It doesn’t matter if you read one or a hundred pages. Just read. A while ago, I shared a reel with a simple step-by-step process. Follow that.

Just so you know, I started this method with twenty pages per session, and before I realized it, I was easily reading 50-60 pages per reading session. So… IT WORKS. I promise.

Just don’t take it as an obligation. Use that method as a reminder, like a pill you have to take not to die. Or, in this case, a daily dose of reading to properly feel the benefits of reading.

— João

☕️ Do you have a reading schedule? And when do you think reading is more productive for you?

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