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Recycling can make your writer’s life easier

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When your brain fails to think of new ideas, you can always recycle, repurpose, or refresh your old content. Have you ever thought of that?

A great piece of content you wrote in the past, that generated a lot of interactions to your site to find some inspiration, can make words start flowing like you’d opened a faucet and you can’t close it anymore.

Some of our old posts and articles are evergreen. It means they never lose value. They’re always relevant and timeless. They provoke discussions, comments, interactions, and, in other words, they bring traffic to our blogs and social media accounts, and, most importantly, value to our audience.

In my opinion, those are two of the most important goals you want to check off when you write your content.

If you think about it, recycling is not just useful when we’re out of ideas. It also works when we want to provoke more, bring a new perspective, or add something.

So, that’s the power of recycling. Now, here are some effective ways you do it, in my opinion.


Remember that post you shared with a list? Like, 5 ways to recycle your content? Or anything, 5 ways to end a story? 5 ways to achieve your goals? You get the idea.

You can write a series of posts going deeper on every item on that list. Breaking each topic down more thoroughly. That list can give you five brand new posts to write.

Expanding your old content means to pick a small idea inside it and make more content more about it.


The opposite also works perfectly.

Say you shared a series of posts on a topic in the past. You can narrow everything down to a single post.

Condensing your old content can not only give your readers a summary of your ideas, but it can also help you collect your old content in the same post and allow your audience to read further if you use inner links or backlinks to other platforms or social media.

Rewrite, refresh, repurpose

Every creator evolves. Every idea grows. Everything can change.

Rewriting your old content is a great way to revisit something, add what you’ve missed, add more information or make it shorter, refresh ideas, update resources, information, studies, articles, references…

We can even change our minds and admit that to our audience. That’s a great and humble way to add value to our readers.

Another way to do this is by picking a caption you wrote on Instagram, a few words you shared on Twitter, an infographic you made, and turn them into a blog post. Or vice versa.

I’m gonna do this in my next post, by the way. I’m gonna talk about a topic that I addressed in the past in my Instagram account, and I’m gonna explore it a little bit more here.

Bonus or Steal Like an Artist

You can do everything above using, or exploring, articles from other writers, bloggers, and content creators. Steal from them but doing it like an artist.

Credit them, of course. Don’t copy. Use their content as an inspiration, a reference, or a starting point.

You can pick a list you find in an article and talk about each item. You can work on a series of posts based on that list, you can write a short post like “5 ways to do this or that according to…”.

You can rewrite another creator’s piece of content in a way you add more value or give your perspective to it by either agreeing with their point of view or opposing them.

So, in a nutshell, to recycle old content, we can:

  • Expand
  • Condense
  • Rewrite, refresh, repurpose
  • Use other people’s content as a reference

Now, for the comment section…

Tell me: what do you do with your old content, your previous posts, and everything you share? Do you leave them there after you hit the share or publish button or do you organize them somehow?

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