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The Morning Miracle for Writers

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Last week we talked about the miracle morning, and I received many messages about applying that to writing.

Well, there’s a book by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott, with Honorée Corder, called “The Miracle Morning For Writers”. I highly recommend you to read it because it’s exactly about that subject and a little more. I found interesting tips there that have nothign to do with waking up at 5 AM.

James Altucher wrote the foreword. He’s currently one of my favorite entrepreneurs and nonfiction writers, and he wrote:

“I follow a morning routine for my writing. If I didn’t, I would never write. (…) I wake up, I exercise, I shower, I read, I drink coffee, I play around with ideas, and then the writing begins.

The book also talks about flow state, like we did in my post, I’m still gathering some ideas to write a good post about it, and this book will be mentioned again for sure.

You can read this book in one sit, and is divided into three parts:

(1) A three-chapter convincing process to prove why mornings matter, that it only takes five minutes to become a morning person, and a final chapter reminding us how the miracle morning works.

(2) Then, there are six principles and practices to apply to writing.

(3) And the book ends with a solid conclusion about how it all fits the miracle morning and how establishing a balanced equation between those principles and ideas and the miracle morning can help you become a better writer.

So, whether you accept the idea that your writing routine should happen in the morning or not, this book can help you with the one thing I believe we really need to improve our writing process: routine.

The best part there, in my opinion, however, is in the second part of the book. The authors established six essential principles to follow as a writer: (1) build a routine, (2) treat your writing like a job, (3) track your ideas, (4) create consistent content that readers love, (5) monetize your words, and (6) build a writer platform.

Now, if you’re a content creator and writer, like me, with an Instagram account or a blog, or both, you already do that somehow.

Think about it, I have a daily routine writing my posts and sharing them on the internet, and for that to happen, I sit for a few minutes in the morning to write. I treat it like a job, which basically means that I schedule those few minutes to be productive and write something that I will deliver to my readers. And I track my ideas and plan my content to make it all more manageable.

I created consistent content that, for the numbers and feedback I get every day, please a lot of readers. I sometimes monetize my words in different ways. And ways that I find honest and authentic. They never work but I won’t aim higher and end up selling my soul for that. And I built a writer’s platform, which is this very website and somehow my Instagram account.

You might be doing that too. So, what now?

Now, you apply those routines and principles to a novel, a non-fiction book, or to any other writing project you decide to embark on.

And one of the ways you can do it is by incorporating that routine and process into your morning along with some rituals that allow you to increase focus, productivity, and your flow state.

That’s how we can apply the miracle morning to writing. If you have any other idea, feel free to share it with us.

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