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You write, read, make content, and not rarely drift idly in these social media, blogging, writing oceans, don’t you? Well, I gotta admit, if you don’t experiment, and try, fail, fall, stand up again, fail again, fall again, break, bend, rebuild, cringe sometimes, you WON’T learn. You simply won’t. I’m sorry, but it’s true.⁣

By learning I don’t mean acquiring the book knowledge you need to do things the right way. There’s no “right” way here. I mean, yea, doing things only by the book can be the RIGHT way for passing a test, checking your steps, but it can also be the right way to become a robot.

But to achieve your creative goals and really learn things that will stick to your memory purely and let you navigate here (not drift), you have to experiment. You can use what you read in the books, yes, but also allow yourself to forget the rules and just try things out, make it yours, listen to your audience, observe. Become aware of information and methods that WORK for you to create.

This month, I changed the focus of this account a little. You saw a lot more about writing than about books and reading. And I changed some habits in my backstage routine too, so I could also focus more on writing my novel and improving some areas. My goal this month was to step out a bit from the usual “bookstagram” thing and try new ways to do this because I needed it to shake things up a bit and because I like experimenting.

It worked. I learned a lot. I’ll keep the same vibe next month, just letting a few more books back to the grid. And, overall, this experiment was great.

I’m telling you all this because I think this might be the last time I talk about plans and thoughts about my feed here. I’m only gonna do that now through newsletters, DM, and maybe other platforms. But I wanted to do a sort of month-end close after I announced the changes here and leave a message: Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT. Take a break if you need it, make plans, think about it, then experiment. That’s how you’ll find YOUR right way to do it.

Oh, and stay creative!



☕️ Now, how was YOUR month? What did you learn?

■ first seen on @beardbetweenthelines

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  • WithloveMasi

    Great advice! My month wasn’t the greatest. I did not have time to write as much as I want, but I know it’s going to be better. On the other hand, I’ve learned a lot of new stuff by reading your blog. You gave me the idea to start the newsletters thing and I’m working on it. So thank you very much 🤓

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