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Three months of blogging

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Dear reader,

You know, there were times that I thought I was going to quit again and other times that I messed with my post schedule on purpose, but I kept going.

That’s the first thing I want to tell you today.

The thing about writing a blog or creating content for the internet is always the eternal battle between numbers and your love for creating.


Sometimes we write what we believe to be the best content ever written, and it turns out to be the worst engaged-with post ever shared. For whom, though?

Sometimes we don’t have time to put some effort into a hobby, but when we think again, we realize that this “hobby” may turn into work some day. A living. And how amazing it would be if I could write and create content for a living.

Sometimes we forget that those things we want to achieve take time. It’s not like a movie on a streaming service, where you hit play, and it plays without commercials, at our time, when we want it. NOW. Because we want it.

It won’t happen if I don’t put some effort into it and wait for the seeds you plan to become a tree, and the tree that grows gives you fruits.

Three months of blogging—and I mean blogging for real now—made me think that creating content is one of the best experiences we can have in this World Wide Web. That’s my value there.

I said I thought I would quit, but then I’ve read about blogging and read the content of other bloggers I like, and I found some treasures in my research.

So, this month, I decided to keep on going, and explore some of these treasures by “stealing” the tips and advices of successful bloggers that I liked the most and I’m gonna give my two cents about them, my own words about those treasures.

Starting with Josh Spector, who wrote…

Writing a blog creates value for you even if no one reads it.

It’s not my case. I know many people read my blog, including you. I love you for that.

But I’m gonna take that as a helluva motivation to keep going, because even if the stupid numbers don’t satisfy me right now. Even if I have the wrong mindset in my blogging journey when I think about that rather than focusing on the content alone. I’m creating value for myself. I’m learning. Not only that, but I’m evolving.

What I’m about to do for the next days is gonna create value for me, for sure. But it’s gonna add a lot of value for you too. So, three months of blogging! Thank you for following me on this journey.

Keep reading, keep writing, thank you, and share this blog with people you think would love reading those words.



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