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To relax after a busy day at work: read. To break a bad feeling of writer’s block: write. You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but you’ll find some logic to this madness. I’m sure. And you’ll see it’s a powerful habit.

Nobody close to me ever understood how I read to relax after work. I hear a lot of people saying they can’t read at the end of a busy day because they already worked so much reading emails and other materials, and fried their brains with work, that they can’t even open a book at night.

Well, the thing is that reading a book for pleasure at the end of the day is not the same as working. So the first thing you wanna do is turn off your work mode to read at night and activate another area in your brain where reading is not part of a hard task or an obligation, you know what I mean?

So it’s not about the act of reading, it’s about what and why you read and how you approach reading. Mindset, if you will.

And I realized that it works for writing and creativity too. I mean, when I’m working on my novel and I get stuck without knowing where to go and I start having this fake feeling of writer’s block, I go write something else. I’ve been playing with short stories, I write captions for Instagram, or I just go on a stream of consciousness about some topic that will change the channel for my writing brain.

I think it all comes down to that. Changing channels, you know? And allowing your brain to differentiate or compartmentalize these different nuances of reading and writing so you can use them in different ways and with different kinds of spirit.

And that habit will make you stop seeing reading as a task but more as the skill it is and it will make you slap the writer’s block in the face whenever it threatens to appear.

Now, can you do that too? Can you change the channels of your reading and writing brain? If you can, would you have any tips on how to improve that powerful habit?

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