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updates on our master plan and some thoughts about it⁣

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Hey, remember the plan we discussed last week? It’s working. Some of you already bought me coffee and I loved it along with your messages. They felt like sugar in my coffee. And yes, I put sugar on it. So, thank you!

One of you suggested that I created a page on, and, before we talk about it, this is NOT an ad. So, yea, I checked it out, and Buy Me a Coffee looks like a very simple and cool platform to gather supporters, fund your work, and even sell your digital art and creations. It seems WAY better than Patreon, to be honest. And I have a thing for minimalist designs too, you know, so I loved it.

I’m definitely gonna use it and explore it a little more to share my thoughts with you about it. For now, you can check my page there by visiting I’ve just updated it.

Now, I promised last week that I was gonna talk about my newsletters today. I’m very excited. So let’s go.

You already know the first one: TRIMMED. That’s my current newsletter, now with comments about the week, posts you might have missed, and a warm talk about content creation. It’s a way for you not to miss what I post, to know things first, and for us to be closer on the weekends.

TRIMMED is gonna have some pretty cool sisters now. And here’s the whole idea: the verb “to beard” means “boldly confront or challenge”. I’m gonna give you three options of things to BEARD in life.

So here are my three new extras:


⁣Each of those are gonna be paid newsletters sent twice a month with tips, lessons, and challenges that will make you improve the areas of your choice.

Now, because I found some bumps in the road in my current newsletter server and because I’m fine-tuning the whole thing, they’re not available yet. My plan is to launch it on June, so stay tuned!⁣

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to TRIMMED and find updates there, and you can also buy me a coffee just because you like what I do here.


■ PS: What are you struggling more to BEARD in your life: READING, WRITING, OR CONTENT CREATION?

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