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Just start it. Just do it. Just write. Can you do that? This is not gonna work. Or is it? Try!

If I can borrow a famous publishing proverb, the first post sells the blog, the next post sells the blog, and the next, and next. So, this is the first post of a thousand posts I’m gonna love writing.

Paula Munier wrote in “The Writer’s Guide to Beginnings” that there is something magical about the beginning of a good story, something profoundly moving about openings. The first beginning of this blog was terrible… No *laugh*, you’re not reading the first post here, I’m sorry. The first one is gone. I’m doing this completely from scratch.

I decided to do this again because now I know exactly where I want to go and why. So, if you hopped on this crazy train I’m reactivating today, we have a brand new and solid track, new theme, new ideas, a wonderful itinerary, whenever you look out of the window, you’ll see a great landscape. I promise.

We also have coffee, writing talks, books, and me, this guy with his beard between the lines.

I’m happy you’re here with me. This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time. And I’m not doing this just for me, I’m doing this for you, my reader. So, thank you.

Munier also said that crafting a compelling opening isn’t easy. The most successful stories grab the reader from word one and never let them go. My first opening here was easy and it didn’t grab anyone, so I guess there’s a lesson there and the first thing I wanna talk about: if it’s not hard and doesn’t grab the reader, it’s not a real beginning. Mistakes teach us the right way.

So this is it. A new beginning coming from some other beginning’s end.

Oh, and why do I think it’s gonna work now? 

Good question. Before I decided to do this, I’ve read a book about blogging where the writer interviewed the best bloggers of that time asking them for tips and their insights. It was unanimous. Every one of them said, “you have to write about something you’re passionate about.”

I’m passionate about writing and reading. That’s how I know. This is gonna work.

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for it?

For the comment section…
Let me ask you something: what is your favorite book beginning of all time? Mine is, “to the worm that first gnawed at the cold flesh of my cadaver, I dedicate these posthumous memoirs”, by Machado de Assis in The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas.


  • Aly

    “Here is a small fact: You are going to die. I am in all truthfulness attempting to be cheerful about this whole topic, though most people find themselves hindered in believing me, no matter my protestations. Please trust me.” (Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief)

    This powerful, heart-wrenching book gripped me from the very first words and has stayed with me ever since.

    • Beardy

      I have to agree with Paula Munier, I think there’s something magical about openings. If you like writing, it’s cool to have a collection of openings.

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations on your new ‘renewed’ blog adventure. I have your site bookmarked on my phone (duckduckgo makes it easy) so I can keep track of your comments. Happy new year and new beginnings.

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